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Meet Shenif Poonja | Assistant Sales Manager

Our Team – Shenif Poonja

Shenif Poonja is the newest Assistant Sales Manager, a promotion he received from Fleet Manager back in November 2015. He loves selling cars, and he is proud to sell Chrysler cars. He used to be a fan of Chevy, and his family still is. Once he discovered Chrysler, he was impressed. The trucks are awesome and the brand produces a good quality product. The dealership and sales team stand behind the product.


The reason Shenif likes Nor-Lan Chrysler is because at Nor-Lan Chrysler, “you know what you’re going to get.” They want to make sure the customer leaves happy. While he admits they aren’t perfect and will make mistakes, he says they will work to fix them. If you’re interested in buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, go the place where the customer comes first – Nor-Lan Chrysler.

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