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Meet Jerry Quinn | Service Advisor

Our Team – Jerry Quinn

Jerry Quinn is a Service Advisor for Nor-Lan Chrysler. He has been on staff with the dealership for 15 years and feels the service department is one of the best ones in the north because they service all makes and models of the Chrysler brand. Technicians are trained to work on these models, using the latest equipment and technology.

One of the reasons Jerry says to trust the dealerships with servicing your vehicle is they have “technology many independent service stations don’t have access to”. This equipment can talk to the modules and figure out the problem faster and provide a better solution. The service station will only do the repairs the customer wants.

Jerry will advise people to go to their dealer if they have a newer model and will work on older models even if they aren’t the Chrysler brand. The Nor-Lan Chrysler service department provides full tire service and a full line of maintenance from the most basic to major repairs and replacements.


If you want a dealership that provides exceptional service after the sale, trust Nor-Lan Chrysler. With people like Jerry working on your vehicle, you can drive away with confidence every time you leave the Nor-Lan Chrysler Service Department.

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