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Meet Brenan Jones | General Manager

Brenan Jones is the General Manager for Nor-Lan Chrysler. As the grandson of the founder of the dealership which was established in 1985, he is familiar with many aspects of the company. Starting out as the cleaner, he took out the trash and cleaned up the lot. After spending time at UofA, he came back home and took a job in service where he spent the next year-and-a-half.

The next step for Brenan was to move to sales where he worked for another year-and-a-half before becoming the Sales Manager. He has now been the General Manager for three years. His grandfather started the company with his three sons, including Brenan’s dad. What he appreciates about the dealership is the fact that customers are going to get a fair deal every time. No matter who comes in, they can feel confident they will be treated well. Prices are in the windows of all the vehicles, so buyers know what they are going to pay and what incentives are available.

Nor-Lan Chrysler

Brenan was raised here and he is now raising his own family here, and he wants to treat people fairly, offering them a good deal. With over 200 reviews on Google, people are spreading the word about Nor-Lan Chrysler. Come in and find out for yourself about the exceptional customer service and fair pricing of Nor-Lan Chrysler.

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