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Meet Adam Cottrell | Used Car Manager

Our Team – Adam Cottrell

Used Car Manager for Nor-Lan Chrysler, Adam Cottrell has been in this position for one year. He loves his job, and says he loves to come to work and face each new challenge. The job never gets boring for him.

Ask him the difference between buying a new model and a used model, and Adam will tell you that price is the main differentiator. Used cars are cheaper, but they’re also in very good condition. He also says it’s easy to find just about any model you want in a used car lot, especially with Nor-Lan Chrysler because they take anything in on trade and clean it up to sell. They make the necessary repairs to ensure it’s ready for sale.

Adam says that Nor-Lan Chrysler is transparent, a fact that makes them stand out from the competition. They show everything to the customer with no hidden agenda. Vehicle prices are based on market value rather than the black book. The fair prices and the way people are treated, inspires loyalty in the Nor-Lan Chrysler customers. They keep coming back and recommend their family and friends.


If you want to buy a used car for a fair price from a dealer you can trust, visit Adam and his staff at your local Grande Prairie Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Ram dealer – Nor-Lan Chrysler.

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