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Domestic, Not Domesticated..

We need a clean up on isle three! Seriously, with all of the “Easter Eggs” that Dodge has been releasing over the last couple weeks in regards to the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon. I need every mop and bucket that I can get my hands on. This car is drool worthy!

So far we know is that the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon has dropped more than 200lbs of weight compared to it’s current favored sibling Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT. The Demon will also have wider tires and fenders, and unlike the Hellcat which is an All Wheel Drive. The Dodge Demon will stand out being a Rear Wheel Drive monster. Another tid-bit that we know so far is that the Dodge Demon will have “Air Grabber” cold air intake. The hood is the largest ever installed on a production vehicle, measuring more than 45 square-inches. The model also features a large air box sealed to the hood scoop and two functional “Air Catcher” headlamps. The updates help increase airflow and drop the inlet air temperature by more than 30 degrees compared with the 707-hp Hellcat.

The new Dodge Demon is going to blow the doors right off the Hellcat, making the Hellcat look like your average house cat. How much horsepower will the Dodge Demon have? One “Easter Egg” that is still unanswered, and is driving me absolutely crazy is the license plate “#2576@35.” We know it means something, but what exactly is it? Your guess is as good as mine at this point. All I know I is we’re excited, and you should be too!

The waiting game still stands as we have to wait for the “Easter Eggs” to be released as the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon will make its global debut at the New York international Auto Show in April 2017. It is said to be capable of outperforming the most powerful and fastest muscle cars in the world. If that the next rumor I can’t even sit still anymore!

Keep up to date on all the news:  http://www.dodge.com/en/ifyouknowyouknow/

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