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Our Team

Meet Adam Cottrell | Used Car Manager

Our Team – Adam Cottrell

Used Car Manager for Nor-Lan Chrysler, Adam Cottrell has been in this position for one year. He loves his job, and says he loves to come to work and face each new challenge. The job never gets boring for him. [click to continue…]


Meet Jerry Quinn | Service Advisor

Our Team – Jerry Quinn

Jerry Quinn is a Service Advisor for Nor-Lan Chrysler. He has been on staff with the dealership for 15 years and feels the service department is one of the best ones in the north because they service all makes and models of the Chrysler brand. Technicians are trained to work on these models, using the latest equipment and technology. [click to continue…]


Meet Breanne Bowers | Marketing Director

Our Team – Breanne Bowers

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Breanne Bowers is the Marketing Director for Nor-Lan Chrysler, but she has worn many hats in the past for the dealership. She started out in the wash bay, and worked in sales, marketing, as service advisor and sales manager. Breanne currently works as the finance manager, and has held the position for over seven years. [click to continue…]


Meet Cody Burke | Sales Professional

Our Team – Cody Burke

Cody Burke, Sales Professional at Nor-Lan Chrysler, is also known as Beardo for his signature look. He first developed the beard as the lazy way to avoid shaving. Of course, he readily admits that his lazy alternative now takes an hour for grooming with all of the necessary tools required to keep it neat. [click to continue…]


Meet Shenif Poonja | Assistant Sales Manager

Our Team – Shenif Poonja

Shenif Poonja is the newest Assistant Sales Manager, a promotion he received from Fleet Manager back in November 2015. He loves selling cars, and he is proud to sell Chrysler cars. He used to be a fan of Chevy, and his family still is. Once he discovered Chrysler, he was impressed. The trucks are awesome and the brand produces a good quality product. The dealership and sales team stand behind the product. [click to continue…]


Meet Dale Adams | Parts Manager

Our Team – Dale Adams

Dale Adams has been part of the Nor-Lan Chrysler team since it first opened 30 years ago. As Parts Manager for the dealership he manages a staff of eight including two front counter and three back counter people, a shipper, receiver and a parts delivery person. Many of them have years of experience, including one person on the back counter who has been there for 15 years.

Dale grew up on a farm and says he “always had an old car to tinker with.” He loved cars, learning about them and taking them apart. Even though he is looking forward to retirement, he still loves his job and finds it a challenge. [click to continue…]


Meet Brenan Jones | General Manager

Brenan Jones is the General Manager for Nor-Lan Chrysler. As the grandson of the founder of the dealership which was established in 1985, he is familiar with many aspects of the company. Starting out as the cleaner, he took out the trash and cleaned up the lot. After spending time at UofA, he came back home and took a job in service where he spent the next year-and-a-half. [click to continue…]